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WOW is retiring its remote auction house

If you’ve gotten used to perusing and trading on World of Warcraft’s auction house from the mobile app, brace yourself for some slightly shocking news. Blizzard announced that it will be taking the WoW Remote Auction House app offline on April 18th.
Don’t panic just yet, however. First of all, this only affects remote auctions; the WoW Armory app will handle other remote functions as usual. Second, this move will not disable API and any auction house-related community sites.
“Some World of Warcraft community sites make use of Blizzard’s API to access auction house–related data, and we will continue to support for that,” the studio said. “If you regularly visit a site that accesses data from the auction house to keep an eye on the price of fish, you (and they) can continue to do so after April 18th.”
Finally, there is plausible speculation that this move is in preparation for a Battle for Azeroth mobile app. The current Legion app, which handles remote order hall missions, will no doubt be disabled or changed by the new expansion’s launch as well.