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Final Fantasy XIV opens the gates to Eureka with patch 4.25

The forbidden land of Eureka doesn’t care if you’ve reached Level 70 across the board. It cares about your elemental level, and you’re going to be working that up by fighting things and leveling up in this forbidden land. That’s the centerpiece of the latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV, giving players a new side of content to explore to unlock new weapons and armor. The patch also includes new quests in the ongoing Hildibrand side story, so you can use that as a breather between ventures into a forbidden land.
Players can also look forward to this year’s Hatching-tide event, which will be starting up on March 20th and offer a new wall decoration and new minion. So even if you’re not feeling up to an in-depth exploration of a dangerous landscape, you’ll have plenty of other things to take on. Most of those other new things don’t upgrade your gear, of course, but that’s the nature of the beast.