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FF XIV is getting more glamour dresser storage

Here is a quick summary of the latest interview with Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida: blah blah blah blah more storage in your glamour dresser and more glamour plates, Yoshida out, interview over. The interview does not specify if fireworks were then launched into the room while he wheeled out on a Segway, so we can only assume that he did exactly that. Seriously, absolutely nothing else in the interview will get fans as excited as this revelation because… well, glamour storage.

And it’s not a small expansion, either; Yoshida has stated that the storage will be expanded to 400 spaces from its current 200, although he doesn’t specify how many additional glamour plates will be added. These changes will arrive with the launch of Shadowbringers, so you can start converting things you’ll need for glamour storage now and feel confident that more space will arrive soon. You’ll probably need it.