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WoW is shifting the unlocks of artifact power

Remember when World of Warcraft launched and the developers specifically ensured that Forsaken and Human players couldn’t speak with one another to keep a cross-faction communication barrier in place? Times have changed, as the developers announced with the game’s most recent Q&A that the new Elixir of Tongues will allow you to communicate across faction lines. The addition is in response to an add-on’s cross-faction functionality getting broken by the recent patch 8.1, so while we don’t have an exact timeframe, we know that it will be soon and should be buyable in bulk.
The Q&A also noted that changes are on the way for how Azerite armor and the Heart of Azeroth work. After the newest raid, players will be getting their armor with all traits already unlocked; artifact power from Azerite will instead go to unlocking functionality within the heart itself, with further details to arrive later. You can take a peek at the full transcript from the Q&A if you’d like to get a touch more information on things like deleting Mythic+ keystones.