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World of Warcraft kicks off Warbringers with a Jaina short

Jaina Proudmoore has been through a lot in the timeline of World of Warcraft alone, but her appearance in the first Warbringers short is actually looking back to the days of Warcraft III. Players of that title will recall that she made a choice to side with the nascent Horde at the time rather than with her father, and Admiral Proudmoore paid for that with his life. It’s an action she’s clearly regretting now… and it’s the central point of the short just below.
While the video doesn’t offer much in the way of new dialogue (the song being sung is about the events just described, and there’s only one line of actual speech in the whole short), it’s a look at the character of Jaina as she stands now… and something that might be far more chilling than most fan theories that she’s secretly a Dreadlord. Check it out just below.