How to play SWTOR with your friends?

There's a lot you can do together when playing if you want to play a SWTOR with a friend. We will look at all you have to know about playing with a friend and all you can do jointly in the game. The Old Republic is a terrific game, particularly when you start together at level 1. You can work together in many quests in the SWTOR credits directly and aid one another to find those not meant for groups immediately. You can also work together on group content includes 4-person Flash Points, 8-person operations, player versus player contents, and explore data crashes, reading items, and secret achievements across the galaxy.

Choose a group of classes & quests:

There are several key things to know about choosing a class if you wish to complete the main quest chain from level 1. While the rest of the game works hard together for you to be the star of the story, and you cannot complete quests directly. Class together, but each other you can help and see the stories of each other.

Choices of Class

You can't embark on a narrative search and finish it jointly while you're in the same class. For example, you're both playing Jedi Knights. Instead, you have two alternatives, each of which can undertake your Jedi Knight tasks independently, or you can do it for both players for the first player simultaneously.

Join group

You will want to build a group once you're in the SWTOR credits, to read more about SWTOR credits visit If you notice your friend, right-click on his character and select Group -> Join Group from your menu. Right-click on their portrait and choose Additional Commands -> add to the list of friends if you want to see when and offline. You will need to write this chat if you can't see your friend: /join, space, and the character name exactly. Then they will be encouraged to join your group. Once you're in a group, on the side of your screen, and on your map, you can see your group members if you're on the same map.


There is also an option in the social area called "Allow Access to the same class/personal phase," which allows you to input some searches together that you would not usually be allowed to do. You'll want to turn on different settings to reveal side searches by opening your map with the "M" key and checking "Display Exploration Missions." if you want to perform all the queries within the game includes the side searches. Exploration searches are not essential, but they commonly contain numerous characters in place. It is an excellent way to enable you to make more joint missions while playing.

If you're not the same level

It can be a little problematic if you and a friend are not on the same level: if you play separately and desire a group later on. For example, when you are 50 and your friend is 15 only, you will probably find out, if you join them in their search, that you can't join them in their searches, since many of them have already done. Some will still be possible, such as reproducible dailies, heroics, or bonus series, but most other searches are one-off per person per season. If you locate searches that you can conduct together, the good news is that you will still receive rewards due to a system called level sync.