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Final Fantasy XIV shows off the tracks of its orchestral album

Who likes video game music here? That’s good, a lot of hands. And it’s also good that you’ll be able to pick up a new album full of Final Fantasy XIV music for the rather large price of $70 on a Blu-Ray disc. That might sound like a lot (because it is), but you’re getting some pretty great album for the price, as well as two Orchestrion rolls for use in inn rooms or your house/private chamber.
To whet your appetite, there’s a preview of the album as well as the orchestral rendition of “Ultima” available in video form just below; the latter is the song that plays during the final boss fight against the eponymous weapon at the end of the base game’s main scenario. So it’s not going to be an impulse purchase, but it might be worthwhile for the discerning fan of the game’s many musical cues.