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Play Final Fantasy XIV For Free For 96 Hours

Play Final Fantasy XIV For Free For 96 Hours Any Time Between Now And May 7th
Final Fantasy XIV's Free Login Campaign events may begin to seem a little pointless to some of you, seeing as you can now play the game for free until level 35, but for those who have long since passed that milestone, the free login events provide a much-needed chance to see what's new. Following the release of "the Patch 3.5 series," Square Enix saw fit to begin another Free Login Campaign. All you have to do to take part is log in with an account that has "been inactive for at least thirty days" between now and May 7th and you will get 96 hours of free playtime. As with the other events, that does not mean 96 hours in-game, but rather, a span of four days in which you will be able to access the game.
Final Fantasy XIV recently saw the end of its Stormblood storyline, among other changes. If you haven't played in a while, this Free Login Campaign may be the perfect time to take another look at the game.