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Final Fantasy XI gets ready for an april update

If you were worried that the end of the fiscal year meant the end of Final Fantasy XI updates, we’re happy to report that this is most definitely not the case. The next version update is already being planned, and it’s bringing improvements and augments for the job-specific capes found via Ambuscade. There will also be upgrades to the UI for augmenting said capes, so it’ll be easier to pick out your desired enhancements.
The update is also offering a new incentive for the Dynamis-Divergence areas with a new weekly bonus zone, offering increased item drops in a different part of the nightmare world on a rotating basis. So not only will you be hopping in for item enhancements, you’ll get a little more out of it in the process. Add in the promise of more scrolls on vendors, and you should have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game for another year of updates.