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Path of Exile shows off the interactions of new skills and support abilities

Part of the fun of Path of Exile is setting up combinations of skills, support skills, and items in order to create a constant whirling hailstorm of death for everything around you. The latest article on the official site isn’t just showing off the new skill options for the game’s next expansion; it’s showing off how all of those options interact to create some devastating combinations. Like Unearth, a skill designed to just create corpses (that is, corpses from nothing, not from killing enemies). Is that limited? Not so much when you combine it with Greater Multiple Projectile and Spell Echo to make an entire floor covered in Skeleton Archer corpses.
What do you do then? You could reanimate all of them and have a little firing squad, sure. You could also use some other skills, like Cremation, Volatile Dead, or Bodyswap, to make the corpses along start serving as an offensive tool to make even more corpses. And then you could pair in options like Spell Cascade with Volatile Dead to provide even more insane interactions. But don’t take our word for it; you can actually see all of the absurdity on the official site.