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Blizzard posts update on WoW Classic

Earlier this week, in discussing other positions we’d like to hire extra writers for later this year, we fell on the topic of World of Warcraft and its WoW Classic launch slated for this summer – about which we’ve heard very little since BlizzCon and the demo, you’ll recall. Perhaps Blizzard sensed our worrying because Community Manager Kaivax just this afternoon posted an update on the state of development, specifically homing in on feedback from the demo, like problems with health regen, spell crits, demon summoning, and so forth.
“It turns out that there was a discrepancy between how Classic was configured on our environment at the office (correct!) and the environment serving the demo to you (not correct…),” Kaivax writes. “Tracking that down taught us how to best check our environment configuration as we prepare it for launch.”
Blizzard does admit that while it’ll fix some of the bugs reported before launch, it’s not going fix them all (like mail). But it’s vowed to address critical strike, Rogue energy, slow fall, ranged pushback, and avoidance. “That’s not all we’ve done, of course, but we want to give you an idea of what we’re prioritizing: core game systems, combat, and content. We’ve spent time on other things such as user interface and making sure graphics ‘feel’ like they used to, but our primary focus is on gameplay.”
Oh, and the missive ends with a “get ready for a Classic summer” send-off, so it appears the release is still on schedule.