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WoW roll out Lunar New Year events

More MMOs are pushing out Lunar New Year content this week, joining games like Guild Wars 2 and Closers in celebrating the season.
In World of Warcraft, you’ll be honoring your Elders once again, trading in your Ancestry coins for recipes, flower crowns, toys, and fireworks. This year, as WoWHead sussed out, there are seven new toys added, including a new hearthstone with special graphics and multiple bodies, tails, and heads for dragon costumes, which is easily one of the wackiest things to land in an MMO in recent memory.
In Neverwinter, it’s called the Feast of Lanterns, and it’s kicking off on January 31st for both PC and console, complete with fireworks, the requisite red envelopes, boar mounts, new hair (yay space buns), and new wearable cosmetics.