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WOW previews the pet-battling halls of Gnomeregan

So did you think you have explored every possible permutation of Gnomeregan in World of Warcraft? Don’t be silly, you still have to go through it as a pet battle dungeon! The game’s upcoming patch will allow avid pet trainers a chance to fight through the dungeon’s normal mode and challenge mode, unlocking the former with at least one battle pet at level 25. Successfully clearing the dungeon earns an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and the ability to teleport directly to the dungeon entrance.
Of course, the challenge mode is far more trying and requires 15 max-level pets; successfully clearing it the first time unlocks a mini spider-tank pet, and subsequent clears will let you unlock more new pets, new toys, and boxes of useful items. It might not do much to advance the war of Horde vs. Alliance, but it will certainly do wonders for the war of your specially trained battle pets vs. any critter you want to add to that army.