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Final Fantasy XI prepares its last anniversary year update

At this point, we would like to point out to our readers that Final Fantasy XI is in maintenance mode and has been for the entirety of the year. That has not stopped it from having monthly updates all throughout its 15th anniversary year, nor does it mean that December will be devoid of updates. A new Dynamis-Divergence area is on the docket, sending players into Bastok with the promise of significantly fewer hecteyes and scorpions than before.
Your rewards for going into that realm? More relic reforging, of course, this time for hands. You can also hop into Ambuscade to take on a fight against Harpeia enemies, or enjoy the usual array of bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements. Or you could just log in and enjoy the fact that the game in maintenance mode has a reliable and excellent update schedule. It’s all pretty great.