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Blade & Soul is tweaking dungeon rewards to prefer newer dungeons

Stop just doing the old, familiar dungeons of Blade & Soul. Do the new ones instead. Even if you’d rather not for whatever reason, you won’t be given much of a choice in the matter soon; the newest patch for the game is tweaking the rewards to emphasize newer dungeons and scale down rewards for the old standbys. Newer dungeons, by contrast, will get more streamlined rewards to make them more enjoyable as well, and you’ll be getting more stuff from daily and weekly challenges regardless.
The patch is also bringing with it a number of changes to materials used for upgrading to streamline that process; the time and effort should be fairly constant, but the exact materials are getting shuffled somewhat. That’s in addition to specific item changes, all of which mean that you might want to rearrange your bags and farming habits when the update lands on May 9th.