SWTOR PTS 6.1.4 is now live and it offers most of the features advertised to arrive with the full update to the live servers in October 2020. Right now you can try the new Feast of Prosperity event, check out the new tier of Augments and test the Conquest changes among a few other gameplay and quality of life improvements!And for better game experience,click Gamereasy or Gamereasy swtor credits for safe,efficient and convenient service.
BioWare pushed the SWTOR PTS 6.1.4 server up late on Tuesday, September 22nd. There will be a live stream with developers on Thursday to show off the new features you can try out on PTS, but if you don’t want to wait until then, let me give you a tour of what is new, what you can try and test right now!
UPDATE: The live stream archive is linked at the bottom of the article. I have included all the new information from this event where appropriate in the text below.
Please note that nothing on PTS is final. Changes may occur from patch to patch as well as in the final official Update 6.1.4. This test environment is created so BioWare can accumulate data from us, the players and based on our activities and feedback certain elements may not look or behave the same in the official release.