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World of Warcraft’s next raid, Battle of Dazar’alor

It turns out that the next World of Warcraft raid won’t exactly have sections differentiated for the two major factions; as the raid preview explains, Horde players will be turned into Alliance soldiers for the middle of the raid, and Alliance players will become Horde soldiers for the final portion of the raid. You can experience it for yourself when the Normal and Heroic versions of the raid unlock on January 22nd, or you can wait until the raid finder version unlocks week by week starting with the first wing on January 29th.
The Battle of Dazar’alor leads player through nine bosses, with both factions fighting through the Jadefire Masters, some version of Grong, and the Champions of the Light. Then players will take the role of the Alliance while pushing to face off against King Rastakhan, and the Horde will ultimately face off against Jaina Proudmoore. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to take on the raid yourself, though, so you can start speculating about what your human will look like as an undead.