Facts to know before playing SWTOR

For newcomers, the Old Republic might be daunting. Reading up on the game ahead of time will do wonders for you. Currently, there aren't too many Star Wars RPGs available, so SWTOR, a massively multiplayer online Role Playing Game, is your best bet. Even though it's a massively multiplayer online Role Playing Game, SWTOR credits production value is on par with many other current Role Playing Games. To know more about swtor credits visit http://gamereasy.com/


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There are some aspects in an MMORPG that may turn off beginners, especially those inexperienced with the genre. This theme park MMORPG will be recognizable to anyone who has played other MMOs before. As a new player to SWTOR, it's a good idea to know what to anticipate from the game. There is no way the Force can prepare you adequately for this one.


It takes place 4,000 years before The Movies.

Don't expect to see any of the Star Wars mythos's popular characters here. SWTOR credits free itself from the Star Wars cinematic canon by putting itself almost 3,600 years in the past.


If you want to be more specific, Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place about 300 years after Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: The Old Republic 2. To comprehend SWTOR, you don't have to have played those two Bio war RPGs before.


Choose a PvE Server.

Players must choose a server for their characters before they can begin the game. Server-locked characters can't be interacted with by players on another server, so pick carefully. Players will have to spend real money to perform server transfers.

If you're looking for a newbie-friendly server, go for PvE. On PvP servers, players cannot turn off the faction-specific PvP killing. 

Await 50-60 levels before subscribing

Free-to-play gamers are often willing to pay $15/month or $30 for a 30-day trial to discover what they've been missing out on and then check the limits afterward.


The missions and storyline, and both of the free expansions, maybe played first to save money. For those who plan to play long-term, now is the best moment to contemplate a subscription, as the material for free gamers will have run out by then.


It is more of a trial than free-to-play!

While free players can test out PvP, it's far too limited without a subscription, with just five PvP matches per week allowed. Also, the number of credits that free players may carry will affect their ability to play the game efficiently.


Even though free users can't go above level 60, it's still fun to play without a membership. In addition, only fully subscribed gamers get access to expansions and new content. There is no endgame access for non-subscribers, plain and simple.


If You're New, Be Sure to Mention It

In the next section, we'll talk about the local community. The game is welcoming to newcomers as long as those newcomers are upfront about their lack of expertise. Experimenters may find it annoying to join a PvP mode to lose and proclaim that your new hereafter.


Several gamers are ready to aid beginners, especially those patiently waiting for more material to added. Don't expect much from the general chat box in this game, as it's full of trolls and other boring people. You may also seek support or guidance by joining a guild.