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WoW clarifies Battle for Azeroth season timeline, still no date for Rise of Azshara

I don’t know why since I’m not even going to play it, but not knowing when Rise of Azshara is launching for World of Warcraft is really bothering me. Blizzard isn’t telling anyone today, either (though we’re taking bets it’ll conveniently coincide with Shadowbringers).
Anyway, what Blizzard did announce today is that when Rise of Azshara rolls out, it’ll also bring an end to Battle for Azeroth Season 2 and the PvP and Mythic Keystone competition for two weeks. “During the off-season, Mythic Keystone dungeons will still be playable using Season 2 affixes and rewards, but their seasonal achievements will no longer be available,” Blizzard writes. “Additionally, it will still be possible to queue for Rated PvP and earn based on your Season 2 rating, but seasonal rewards and titles will no longer be earnable. The end-of-season rankings will close when Rise of Azshara goes live. As always, we ask that competitive players refrain from transferring character(s) to another realm or faction until after BFA Season 3 has begun.”
While Battle of Dazar’alor and Crucible of the Storm raid achievements will keep rolling in the off-season, players will be waiting until Season 3 begins – two weeks after Rise of Azshara – to jump back into the fray. At that time, players should also expect “the opening of Azshara’s Eternal Palace, the new Operation: Mechagon dungeon, a new seasonal affix for Mythic Keystone dungeons, and the availability of higher item-level Azerite gear.”