Top Questions about Payment and Refund

Q: I failed to pay for my order, what does this mean?
A: Your bank card may not be allowed to add fund to Paypal account.Plz contact your bank publisher to make this function allowed.
B: Your internet Browser is not available. You could try to change to another internet browser.
C: Current acceptale currencies: USD,Euros and GBP. Plz do not use other currencies to pay.
Q: My payment is voided, have I paid you or not?
A: No. If the payment is voided, that means the transaction is refused and reversed before settled. No money will be charged. For some debit credit card account, this fund might be charged automatically after you placed order and be released later.
Q: Can I pay with American Express?
A: You may choose Moneybookers as your payment method to pay with American Express.
Q: I have wait for a very long time that has been over 24 hours,I want to refund?
A: Firstly,normally your order will never be delayed over 24 hours,except special marketing Changes (Such as a big updating of Swtor Game).By the way,we have compensation plan for order delays over 12 hours,so no need to worry about the time.But if you really want to get refund,we will arrange refunding.
Q: Why did I receive a refund even though I did not request it?
A: We have to refund customers under some specific conditions, such as:
Incorrect email and phone numbers provided
Email is very important for helping us communicate with our customers. All the invoices, receipts and notifications are sent by email. This is the main form of communication we use to contact you at any particular time.
First-time customers might receive a phone call confirmation by our customer service department; this is to be certain of security. Usually this confirmation will be conducted soon after your transaction is completed. Our customer service representatives will consider the proper time due to your time zone and would not interrupt your daily life.
To help us serve your better, please remember to fill in the correct information. All the orders with incorrect email or phone number will be deemed as invalid. The payment will be returned to your original purchase account in 2-3 business days.
Non-matching banking information
The online security checking system protects our customers from online shopping fraud. Your personal information will NOT be released but any non-matching information will be compared with the original bank data and ranked automatically as high risk.
For this reason, please keep in mind that we do not know your bank account details but incorrect information will result in your orders failure and refusal of further processing. 
All reimbursed customers will receive our email notification immediately when we submit the refund. Please contact our live chat with any further questions. Any issues regarding a billing issue or fraudulent report please
contact us through skype: gamereasy.
Orders unable to be fulfilled
For orders we are not able to complete in 2-3 days time frame due to objective reasons, like an unexpected long term supply short or customer never comes to receive for gold order, incorrect login info for a powerleveling order etc, will be fully or partially refunded automatically unless you have special request to prolong this period.